1. Learn how to love yourself.
  2. Do not hide inside your room forever.
  3. Cry until there’s no more tears falling.
  4. Never ever try to text your ex again.
  5. Move on.
  6. Find the happiness within yourself.
  7. Try to socialize. Expand your circle of friends.
  8. Wear your smile and comfy clothes on before you rock in the bar.
  9. Log in to social media sites.
  10. Create a blog. You can share your thoughts there whenever you’re alone.
  11. Watch and bookmark funny videos, photos or quotes online.
  12. It takes time to heal so be patient.
  13. Never close your doors.
  14. Be confident and live life to the fullest.
  15. At least there are no regrets and the past made you stronger.

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