Reply to an activist’s invitation

Dear Sir,
It has been a great experience for me to be part of the people who believes that Mary Jane, and other Filipinos of the same situation as hers, is innocent and should be freed from the death penalty.  The movement before the day of her execution was indeed a very courageous moment for me because I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined the protest to save her life, though we were just holding on to a miracle to happen. I must say that it was worth it and I somehow tried to free the inner “tibak” in me.
Thank you for revealing this reality to me and for giving me the opportunity to have a glimpse of the leftist’s mind. You freed me from my old self of being apathetic with what’s going on in the campus and in the country however, I am not totally free. I am still caged in the teachings that the society and my family has established on me for the past two decades. Just like how you wanted to be a gay, I also wanted to be go out there and shout those revolutionary words under the heat of the sun, but I just can’t. I have settled my priorities in life for this time. To finish my degree is mostly prioritized because I want to serve the people by teaching the younger generation. It is such a good opportunity that I take Sociology. I now have a very wide mind open to criticisms and opinions about a certain issue. I strongly realize how bad and how stupid the standardized education is. I know now that love does not really favour what you want. It is not about what you receive from your love one. It is always about how passionate you are to fight for your love and to replenish your thirst of making your love ones free and happy.
Knowing that thought about love, we have our own way of showing our love. You show your love for the masses by going out there and fighting for the freedom of the oppressed while I want to spend my strength in caressing them by giving knowledge to the less knowledgeable and keeping them on guard against oppressors. I admire the passion of leftists in their revolutionary movements. I have my own passion and love for freeing my fellowmen. I want to imprint changes on people in my own way.  I may not show my love as aggressive as you can but I can tell you that I do possess the same magnitude of love that you have.

                                                                                                                 Truly,                                                                                                                                                   Kate Anne

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