28 People On The Most Life-Changing Thing They Did In Their Twenties

Thought Catalog

saysthefox saysthefox

1. “I broke up with the person I knew I couldn’t marry.”

-Elizabeth, 26

2. “I went back to school. I had taken some time off. And I was behind everybody else. My friends had already graduated and gotten real jobs. But I made it, and got my degree at age 26, and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

-Megan, 44

3. “I gained a sense of self-worth. Then lost it. Then gained it back again. And lost it again. Then gained it back again.”

-Stephen, 28

4. “Traveled internationally by myself.”

-Anna, 30

5.  “I’m only 3 years in to my twenties, but not living at home and moving right into the city after college was a pretty cool experience for me. Expect for the expenses. That’s a little less cool.”

-Nick, 23

6. “I broke up with my boyfriend because I knew he wasn’t the man I…

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