LeBron Vs. Curry: HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?!?!?

Go Warriors!

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The NBA Finals, June’s annual seven-part preeminent basketball showcase, is here. It begins tomorrow. And this year it features not only two bona fide juggernaut teams — the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers — but also two bona fide superstar players: Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Two bona fide juggernauts, two bona fide superstars. One superstar for each juggernaut. It’s nice how that worked out.

From a viewing standpoint, it couldn’t be better. This ain’t your grandpa’s NBA Finals, when two well-oiled, five-man machines would clash trying to out-efficient the other in taking more layups, when size and strength prevailed over speed and shooting, when the champion was the team that figured out a way — through ball movement, screen-setting, and rigid-ass defense — to get the ball near the hoop more times than its opponent. Remember that? Of course not. You didn’t watch. You weren’t even alive…

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