Slow Down, Life Is Not About Being Busy

It’s okay to be bum.

Thought Catalog


“How are you?” you ask an acquaintance you haven’t seen in some time. “So busy,” they respond, breathlessly. They go on to recount a hectic travel schedule, momentous work projects, a new exercise regime. These days, busyness is worn like a badge of honor. The less time you have for yourself to do nothing, the more in-demand you are, the more important you make yourself seem to others. Everyone wants a piece of you. Between breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, afternoon appointments, dinner dates, your calendar is just so full. You want to get together? Email my assistant for an appointment; I think I have an opening sometime around the next lunar eclipse.

This is no way to live life. When we over-schedule ourselves, plan for things days, weeks, and months in advance, we are eliminating the chance for spontaneity. We become automated versions of ourselves, shuffling mindlessly from one destination…

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