Reply to an activist’s invitation

Dear Sir, It has been a great experience for me to be part of the people who believes that Mary Jane, and other Filipinos of the same situation as hers, is innocent and should be freed from the death penalty.  The movement before the day of her execution was indeed a very courageous moment for […]


Learn how to love yourself. Do not hide inside your room forever. Cry until there’s no more tears falling. Never ever try to text your ex again. Move on. Find the happiness within yourself. Try to socialize. Expand your circle of friends. Wear your smile and comfy clothes on before you rock in the bar. […]


I said “Hi!” You didn’t say anything. I told you to take care But you didn’t mind. I wish I could hold you, I could see you and I could be with you. But dreams could only grant me this Dreams that would vanish when I wake up. Why do I keep on clinging onto a […]

Di mo man masabi…

PUTANGINA! Sigaw ng mga nahihirapan PUTANGINA! Sigaw ng mga nasasaktan PUTANGINA! Sigaw ng mga nawalan ng hustisya PUTANGINA! Sigaw ng mga hindi makalaya sa dikta ng lipunan PUTANGINA! Para sa mga pagkakataon ng mga napag-iwanan PUTANGINA! Para sa mga paasa PUTANGINA! Para sa mga nagpaluha PUTANGINA! Para sa mga hindi nakakaintindi PUTANGINA! Para sa mga […]